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Alessandro Sdrigotti, professional sound engineer and sound design lover.
I deal mainly with audio applied to television productions. I work behind the small screen therefore you can not see me but…I can be heard! is one of the many bags I use for my travels. Inside, you’ll find a summary of my activities and experiences, my contacts and a blog where I address the most interesting and current topics in the sound design world dedicated to the television industry.
I hope that, once you open the zip of this suitcase, your ears can tune in to my same transmission frequency. is dedicated to anyone who has an interest and passion for sound design and its applications in the vast world of broadcasting. A channel free from advertising interruptions.
Have a good vision!


A1 Broadcast Sound Engineer for sport events, news, music live or recorded, HD with stereo and 5.1 mix

Sound Engineer in charge, Audio babysitting

Able to coordinate and manage an audio team for broadcast productions, both in studio and OB Van

Audio consultant for companies supplying broadcast services. Planning and development for broadcast productions and/or consultancy services on new products searching

Technical training for personnel on latest developments for sound broadcast standards and their applications:
• Immersive audio
• Loudness
• AoIP

Sound design for
broadcast events


Other than my job as broadcast sound engineer, since 2014 I have been holding a position on a part time basis as professor of “Audio Broadcast Techniques” at CESMA Institute in Lugano, Switzerland. This put me in a position where, whilst enjoying greatly the teaching of the rules, regulations and the tricks of the trade, it confirms to me once more that the broadcast world has still a lot to say but, above all, lots to be heard.

I personally consider the sharing of my professional experiences both in class and during work time like a completion of my beginning years as a student.

I am also a founding member of INAB (International Net Audio Broadcast) where, along with other major professional broadcasters, we organize events and study days regarding the latest technology in audio broadcast.

Last but not least, I would like to quote my collaboration with the Italian magazine Audiofader, for which I write articles dedicated to broadcast audio.


I have graduated at the Conservatory “J.Tomadini di Udine with a diploma in Bassoon musical instrument, achieving the highest marks. Classical studios have been, and still are, the leading soundtrack of my profession, thanks to which I have been able to acquire over the years numerous experiences both as recording producer and as sound & editing engineer in many production of cd and dvd of classical music. While following my personal and continuous evolution in the field of broadcast audio, a part of me will always be attached to the world of classical music.

The experiences gained in this industry, combined with a constant and continuous update of my technical skills, allow me to design, plan, and realize a complete audio recording project, also associated with the video. I can also collaborate with audio / video recording studios, integrating myself into existing work teams.

Studies, field experience, continuous technical updating and opening up to collaborations represent the four movements that make up the structure of my personal symphony for


Minsk 2nd European GamesAT WORK
3rd July 2019

Minsk 2nd European Games

2nd Edition of the European Games took place in Minsk, Capital of Bielarus. 50 nations involved, 23 sport discipline and more than 4000 athlets compete during the Games, since the…
Italy-Bulgaria2018 - ObOne - audiobroadcast.tvAT WORK
11th October 2018


Italy-Bulgaria2018. September 2018. Men’s Volleyball World Championship took place in Italy and was co-hosted by Bulgaria during September 2018. Poland won the final match against Brasil and became World Champion…
Bolero@Mad Cool Festival 2018 - audiobroadcast.tvAT WORK
30th July 2018

Mad Cool Festival 2018

Mad Cool Festival Just another year here at MadCool 2018, one of the biggest Spanish music Festivals!!I would like to thank Videe Spa to involve me again in this mazing project!…


Alessandro Sdrigotti
Broadcast Sound engineer
INAB Member

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