Minsk 2nd European GamesAT WORK
3rd July 2019

Minsk 2nd European Games

2nd Edition of the European Games took place in Minsk, Capital of Bielarus. 50 nations involved, 23 sport discipline and more than 4000 athlets compete during the Games, since the…
Italy-Bulgaria2018 - ObOne - audiobroadcast.tvAT WORK
11th October 2018


Italy-Bulgaria2018. September 2018. Men’s Volleyball World Championship took place in Italy and was co-hosted by Bulgaria during September 2018. Poland won the final match against Brasil and became World Champion…
Bolero@Mad Cool Festival 2018 - audiobroadcast.tvAT WORK
30th July 2018

Mad Cool Festival 2018

Mad Cool Festival Just another year here at MadCool 2018, one of the biggest Spanish music Festivals!!I would like to thank Videe Spa to involve me again in this mazing project!…
VNL trophy - VNL 2018 - audiobroadcast.tvAT WORK
10th July 2018

VNL 2018

VNL 2018 Volley Nations League 2018 took place around Europe during may june and july 2018. Female and male National volley teams coming from all over the world were involved…
Final Eight LEN 2018 - audio broadcast.tvAT WORK
5th July 2018

Final Eight LEN 2018

Final Eight LEN 2018 Waterpolo Champions League Final Eight LEN 2018 took place in Genova, inside the Olympic swimming pool known as Piscine Sciorba. Final Eight LEN 2018 was organised by…
Riedel Bolero - audiobroadcast.tvTECH
19th June 2018

Riedel Bolero

Riedel Bolero It was really a positive day! It was a great day with a lot of fun, friends but also a very interessing techcnical workshop. The event was organized…
Ferrari Challenge - Red Ferrari!!! - audiobroadcast.tvAT WORK
8th June 2018

Ferrari Challenge

FERRARI CHALLENGE Since many time, Ferrari is a luxury brand, representing the highest quality of Italian style. Ferrari challenge is a race competition for Ferrari’s owners. During this competition, all…
Il palco per il 50 Anniversario del Cammino Neocatecumenale con Papa Francesco - audiobroadcast.tvAT WORK
23rd May 2018

50th Anniversary of Necocatecumenal Experience

Rome, the 5th of May 2018. Independently of your religious faith, it’s always a special emotion, receiving “The Call” for a live broadcasting with Pope Francis. Every time I worked…
The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter GamesAT WORK
7th March 2018

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Are you wondering about sound mix during the Winter Games in PyeongChang 2018?At the Alpensia Sliding Centre, there wasn't  a single sound…
1st March 2018

Dance Dance Dance 2018

Dance Dance Dance 2018 Cinecittà, ROME. This is a magic and amazing place, inside Cinecittà there are many many tv and movies histories, Cinecittà has a glorious past such as…
3rd October 2017


5th edition of Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games Since the 17th until to the 27th of September, is developed the 5th edition of Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.…
1st September 2017

Lega Serie A TIM Lega Serie B – UCL, Europa League

Lega Serie A TIM Lega Serie B - UCL, Europa League Lega Serie A TIM Lega Serie B - UCL, Europa League. The 19th and 20th of august 2017 has…
9th August 2017

Western Balkan Summit Trieste

Western Balkan Summit Trieste. The 12th of July 2017, in the wonderful background of Piazza Unità in Trieste, it happened the Western Balkans Summit, an important meeting ended with Politic…
7th August 2017

MadCool 2017

MadCool 2017 MadCool is an important music festival that tooked place at CajaMagica in Madrid, Spain. Starring of this year were : FooFighters, GreenDay, Kings of Leon and many others.…
7th August 2017

World pride 2017

World pride 2017 World pride 2017 was organised in Madrid, Spain. As know as EI Orgullo 2017 was an event with 3 millions people on the street and a full…
28th June 2017

Concert for the peace, Trieste.

Concert for the peace. It took place in Piazza Unità Trieste, the concert for the peace, organised by the city of Trieste and played by Neocatecumenale orchestra and choir.5000 people…
14th June 2017

Me lo dices o me lo cantas

May - July 2017. Madrid, Mediaset Spain. During last three mounths, may, june and july, I started a new interesting collaboration in Spain. I was involved as Audio in charge…
14th June 2017

Pope Francis in Genova

Pope Francis in Genova. Sunday the 28th of May 2017, Pope Francis was visiting Genova city. I was honoured to be there as A1 Host broadcaster for live broadcasting during…