Riedel Bolero

Riedel Bolero

It was really a positive day! It was a great day with a lot of fun, friends but also a very interessing techcnical workshop. The event was organized by Riedel and Italian broadcast company Telerecord. Workshop was focused on the well known  wireless communication system Riedel Bolero. More than Riedel Bolero, during the day there was enough time to test practically the Bolero system and to have a look to another Riedel interface : Micron. Most of the audio video Italian broadcast specialists were present during this meeting that took place in a  very professional and friendly atmosphere. Technical Riedel solutions were presented and alternated with a great Tuscany catering!!! Pappa col pomodoro, lampredotto, etc… were the right  support for a better technical approach!!!

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Riedel Bolero -

Riedel Bolero –


Riedel Bolero workshop lunch time –


Maribel Roman ( Riedel ) Giovanni Bertini ( Telerecord ) -

Maribel Roman ( Riedel ) Giovanni Bertini ( Telerecord ) –